PhD opportunities

Please download our prospectus of projects currently being offered for PhD students starting in the autumn of 2024. In general, the exact details will be defined in discussion with the student, both to refine the scientific approaches and objectives and to match students’ interests and inclinations. Please therefore use these descriptions as a way to identify supervisors in areas that interest you, and contact the supervisors individually to discuss things further.

We welcome applications and enquiries throughout the year, and are pleased to hear from students of all backgrounds, whether full-time or part-time, straight from related undergraduate study or with appropriate experience from industry or the armed services. We are keen that the diversity of our students should reflect that of the wider population so, for our first recruitment round each year, we reserve a studentship for candidates from under-represented groups. We offer flexible study arrangements, and can provide support when caring duties conflict with eg conference attendance.

We run an optional Orientation Week each January to allow interested students to meet the CDT staff, explore academic and organizational expectations of doctoral study, discuss any aspects of transitioning from undergraduate study, employment or a career break, and join a research group for a taste of doctoral work. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Please drop us a line at any time by emailing .

To make a formal application, please visit the webpage

Please select the programme type ‘Research’ and the ‘Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences’ and search for the programme ‘Quantum Tech Eng’. Feel free to indicate your first 3 project choices.

We look forward to hearing from you!