Your 4-year programme of research and training in Quantum Technology Engineering will allow you to develop the specialist expertise in quantum technology and science that come, with rigour and independence, from PhD research, together with the broad knowledge, skills and awareness needed to engineer these quantum technologies to commercial success.

Your first year is a combination of background research and project planning, study modules, and industry placement. You will discuss and decide details of your research programme, explore the scientific literature behind the project, and develop a plan for your research. You will follow two conventional courses (Science 1 & 2), chosen in discussion with your supervisory team from our extensive portfolio of Masters-level modules to support your specific research topics. Meanwhile, two training modules (Scientific Skills, Technical Skills 1) extend your skills in experiment and trial design, control, measurement and simulation, problem solving, alongside training and practical exercises in common design and fabrication techniques. You’ll then spend the summer of your first year on a 12-week placement with one of our industry partners.

Years 2-4 are principally dedicated to your research, together with one training module (Technical Skills 2, Commercial Skills, Technical & Commercial Awareness) shared with fellow students from other year groups. Our Scientific Awareness & Communication programme of scientific and technical seminars, and training in communication, presentation and critical thinking, runs throughout your PhD studies. You’ll also join your colleagues, for an annual conference/summer school; and, together with industry and university experts, for at least two residential Challenge Weeks to explore and develop major Quantum Technology challenges.

Each student has a handsome Research Training Support Grant to cover research conferences and individual training.